Building a more connected world: How the OECD Recommendation on Broadband Connectivity is setting the pace

The Internet has been a lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic, but without good connectivity, millions of people ultimately face greater exclusion. The new OECD Recommendation on Broadband Connectivity provides a roadmap for policy makers and regulatory authorities to achieve high-quality connectivity and ensure equal access for all.

Strengthening consumer product safety in the digital age

The OECD Recommendation on Consumer Product Safety calls for a consumer right to safe products, evidence-based product safety laws, comparable approaches to systematic risk management, information sharing between government authorities and businesses, and special consideration for the needs of vulnerable consumers.

Science, technologie et innovation : 5 conclusions clés de l’édition 2021 des Perspectives de l’OCDE

L’OCDE vient de publier l’édition 2021 des Perspectives de l’OCDE sur la science, la technologie et l’innovation. On y découvre les principales tendances de la politique de la science, de la technologie et de l’innovation (STI) dans les pays de l’OCDE et dans plusieurs grandes économies partenaires.


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